Projecta Amorphous Solar Panel Charger 12 Volt 1.5 Watt


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Provides longer battery life for infrequently used boats and vehicles. Ensures engines start even after extended periods without use. 2.7 metres of cable and simple connection via 12V cigarette plug or battery clips. Flashing blue LED denotes charging while in-built blocking diode protects against reverse discharge. Amorphous solar cells use the sun’s power to maintain the battery in peak condition, even in low light (cloudy) conditions.

Specifications; Rated Power @ 1000W/m squared, 25C = 1.5 watts. Peak Power Volts 13-15 (0.09-0.01A). Automotive size 100-550CCA. Marine battery size 150-600CCA. Deep cycle battery size 7-40Ah.


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