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Hard Korr 15w Solar Trickle Charger


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This 15w trickle charge solar panel will help you prolong the life of your 12v batteries, by topping them up when they’re not in use. It is ideal for cars, 4wd, caravans, boats, and machinery that periodically sit idle.

The built-in diode in the Hard Korr 15w Solar Trickle Charger prevents reverse charging and ensures batteries do not become discharged at night, and the included controller protects against battery overcharge. It works with Lithium, AGM, gel and wet/flooded cell batteries.


  • Built-in diode prevents battery from discharge at night
  • Included controller protects batteries from overcharge
  • Ultra-thin, lightweight and easy to transport
  • Front face coated in our exclusive Crocskin® cell armour
  • Frameless design, no rigid or breakable glass
  • Fully waterproof and weatherproof


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